Inspection of Structures of Buildings and Constructions

One of the activity areas of Institute BelNIIS RUE is inspection of buildings and constructions structures.
We would like to offer you the following types of inspections:

  • general inspection of buildings and constructions of any complexity class;
  • inspection and evaluation of engineering status of buildings and constructions structures;
  • detailed inspection of buildings and constructions of any complexity class;
  • evaluation of bearing capacity and suitability to building structures maintenance (inspections of residential, public and industrial superstructures);
  • inspection of structures for durability per GOST 10180 and concrete cold-resistance per GOST 10060 when testing samples (if required, selecting samples of concrete mixture, sample production and their storage prior to testing) and issuing test protocols for 1-2 days after test completion;
  • inspection of concrete structures for durability according to the requirements of GOST 18105;
  • inspection of structures issuing opinion on the reasons of non-compliance with the requirements of the design documentation and, if required, issuing recommendations related to repair works and correction actions according to Technical and Commercial Proposal (TCP) 45-1.04-37-2008.