Other Services

Institute BelNIIS RUE provides the following services:

  1. Arrangement of scientific and technical as well as scientific and practical seminars;

  2. Consulting:
    - consulting concerning using technical regulatory legal acts;
    - information and consulting services concerning acquisition of efficient process equipment and participation in production technologies fine-tuning.

  3. Development of materials, systems and structures

    - materials
    • Compositions based on cement binder;
    • Compositions based on gypsum binder;
    • Compositions based on aqueous polymeric dispersions.

    systems, methods and procedures
    • Introduction of building information model technology into design;
    • Introduction of enterprise standards into e-documentation execution;
    • Development of blocks, models, macros for work simplification in CAD, BIM frameworks;
    • Development of procedures for experimental and theoretical researches of durability and deformation characteristics of reinforced concrete constructions specifying calculation and design methods.

    - structures
    • Structural systems of buildings based on cast-in-situ reinforced concrete frames;
    • Structural systems of buildings based on composite and cast reinforced concrete frames;
    • Reinforced concrete structures for construction of underground tunnels and channels by microtunneling;
    • Reinforced concrete structures for construction of spillovers on automobile roads including from cast reinforced concrete (loose fill bridges with a span up to 12 m);
    • Concrete and reinforced concrete structures for control wells and water pipeline and sewage chambers; wells and chambers for cable runs; underground and above-ground engineering structures of various designation from composite and cast reinforced concrete;
    • Reinforced concrete structures for transport structures: cross ties, partial cross ties, pavement slabs, etc.;
    • Development of formwork, formwork technologies and flow diagrams for erection of complex cast constructions (arched constructions using sliding formwork, etc.)