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We are glad to welcome you in the real world of science, innovations and professionalism. Here we are glad to tell, show and share anything you are interested in.

We are one of leading Republican Unitary Scientific-Research Enterprises in the sphere of Construction. Our speciality is an innovative product that allows meeting constantly changing requirements of a client.

Making the scientific part of our activity the basic one, we guarantee high quality of services as we appreciate the cooperation with you!

Paying much attention to the reliable partnership we implement complex expert and technical support of your construction business owing to professionalism and competence of our specialists, wide experience and unique technical basis.

History of Institute
Institute BelNIIS Republican Unitary Enterprise (RUE) was established in 1957.

1957 to 1988 – Institute of Construction and Architecture (ISiA) of the State Construction Committee of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (Gosstroy BSSR).

1988 to 1991 – Scientific and Engineering Design Association (NPTO) “Belstroynauka” Byelorussian Scientific Research Institute (NII) of Construction. 

From 1991 – Belarusian NII of Construction of Gosstroy (form 1994 – the Ministry of Architecture and Construction [Minstroyarkhitektura]) of the Republic of Belarus.

From 2006 – Institute BelNIIS RUE.

The scientific and technical activity of the institute emerged from organisational transformations that took place in various periods of its development.

In the early years, ISiA was a complex scientific research institute that was involved in solving urban-planning, architecture and construction, thermophysic, and acoustic issues in the area of industrialised residential, non-residential, and agricultural construction.

In the following years, Byelorussian Scientific Research Institute of Industrialised Urban Planning (BelNIIPgradostroitelstva), Byelorussian Scientific Research and Design Institute of Rural Construction (BelNIIgiproselstroy), Byelorussian Scientific Research Institute of Construction Organisation and Management (BelNIIOUS) were founded based on the subdivisions of ISiA and design organisations. Later in 1988, Scientific and Engineering Design Association “Belstroynauka” was set up as a successor of ISiA and BelNIIOUS, with ISiA renamed as “BelNIIS”. In 1991, after the association had dissolved, BelNIIS regained its legal independence and became subordinate to Gosstroy of Belarus.

By retaining the best traditions of ISiA and developing new areas of activity, BelNIIS performs comprehensive and complex research in a vast array of contemporary civil and non-residential construction issues.

Institute BelNIIS RUE is subordinate to Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus.

Contacts of the Ministry:
220048 Minsk
39, Miasnikova str.
E-mail: mas@mas.by

Working hours:
Lunch time: 13:00-14:00.

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