Contemporary Issues of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete. Volume 8 (2016)

Features of Control of DurabIlity of High-Strength Concrete
Batyanovskiy E., Bondarovich A., Ryabchikov P.
Modern Engineering and Technology Solutions for Moisture-Proofing of Plain- and Reinforced-Concrete Underground and Buried Constructions and Structures
Bursov N., Sidortsov A., Korzun A.
Micro- and Ultra Silica in High-Strength Concrete
Gurinenko N.
Efficiency Evaluation of Antifreeze Additives in Hardened Cement Paste
Gushchin S., Drozd A., Babitsky V.
About Formation of the Stress-Strain Condition of Reinforced Concrete Frame-Articulated Structure with Consideration of Their Construction Technology
Kovrov A., Kovtunenko A., Kushnir A., Vysochan N.
Main Sources of Moisture in Modern Buildings and Methods of Solving This Problem
Konkov V., Uretskaya Ye., Plotnikova E.
Research and Calculation of the Load Capacity of the Bases of Metal Screw Piles According to the Torque Value Required for Driving Them
Kravtsov V.
Experimental Researches of Influence on Resistance to a Flexure with Shear Force of Prestressed Concrete Beams with Bent-up Seven-Wire Strands of Constructional Factors
Malinovskiy V., Krivitskiy P.
Efficiency of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Mixed Reinforcement
Malinovskiy V., Matweenko N.
Energy-Saving Technology of the In-situ Concrete with Complex Additive «UKD‑ 1»
Marko O., Batyanovsky E.
Physical and Technical Properties of Heavy Structural Concrete Modified with Domestic Carbon Nanomaterials
Ryabchikov P.
Effective Massive Aggregates for Top Layer of Concrete Pavement
Sakanov D., Chistova T.
Non-autoclaved Aerated Concrete : Production Technology, Features of Application in Monolithic Construction, Non-destructive Method of Compressive Strength Control
Samuilov Yu.
Peculiarities of the Calculation and Designing of Foundations with Compacted Base Micropiles (Cbm) for Vertical Load in the Presence of Horizontal Loads and Momenta
Seskov V., Liakh V.
Designing and Foundation Works of the Solid-Cast Reinforced Concrete Slabs Under Complex Geological Engineering Conditions
Seskov V., Okladnikova A., Bannikov D.
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