For Authors

Dear Colleagues!

We announce the start of acceptance of your papers for the 13th edition of the Papers.

Only the research papers prepared by authors on their own and not been previously published are accepted to enter the submission process. The papers are to have research content and outstand with originality of the presented research results.

Publication of articles is held on a gratuitous basis by the decision of the editorial board with due regard to the following conditions:

  • the results of the reviewing process;
  • meeting of deadlines;
  • compliance with the article submission guidelines.

The articles that do not comply with the submission guidelines cannot be accepted to the reviewing process.

Languages: Russian, English. In case you would like to publish the paper in English it is necessary to provide the paper with Abstract and keywords translated into Russian.

Total length of the paper: 10-15 pages (A4 format)

In case you are interested, please, note that the following documents are supposed to be received by the editorial board not later than September 10, 2021:

  1. full paper, prepared in accordance with the Author guidelines in two formats: Doc file and printed paper, signed by author and coauthors;
  2. author‘s guarantee form. It confirms that the the paper presented for publication, is an original work and was written by the Author(s) indicated in the Paper; the material of the Paper was not published in any other publications; the material of the Paper is not and will not be presented for publication to any other publications etc. Please note that you have to print, fill-in all the fields, sign the form. The form has to be signed by co-authors too. Then the form has to be sent in PDF format and in printed version;
  3. application form. It has to be signed by author and each coauthor separately, then sent in PDF format and in printed version. The document has to contain:
  • author’s Name and Surname;
  • affiliation (place of work or study in full name), position;
  • academic degree and title (if any);
  • links to author’s profiles in bibliographic and abstract databases (ORCID, Google Scholar, РИНЦ, Scopus); 
  • title of the Paper;
  • contacts (tel. and e-mail)

All the materials in electronic formats should be sent to e-mail

The documents signed by authors should be sent in printed format to the address:
F. Skoriny str., 15 "B", 220076 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Note: "Collected Research Papers"

The publication of the Papers is executed on the grounds of Public agreement with authors

Contact person: Aleksandra Sakova
Tel./fax: (+375 17) 320 79 87, 342 85 20,

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