International scientific and technical seminar “Reconstruction, restoration, renovation. Maintenance of Belarusian heritage”

april 2019
9:00 Cultural Centre “Корпус”: Minsk, 9 Masherova av., building 8
Participation fee 122,80 бел. руб.


  • Franz-Josef Hölzen
    Dipl.-Ing., Ö, Architekt (AKN) , expert on estimation of injuries, waterproofing and building renovation (Germany)
  • Valery Derkach
    DSc in Engineering Science, Branch of Institute BelNIIS RUE – Scientific and Technical Center (Belarus)
  • Dmitriy Zheldakov
    PhD in Engineering Science, Senior Researcher, Research Institute for Physics of Civil Engineering, Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences (Russia)
  • Victor Dorokhov
    Head of the laboratory for climate of museums and listed architectural buildings, State Scientific-Research Institute for Restoration, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, member of scientific methodological council the Ministry of Culture o
  • Mikhail Zhykh
    Deputy director for long-term development, Belzhilprojekt RUE, Executive manager at the project of Red Catholic Church reconstruction (Belarus)
  • Georgiy Baranets
    Professor, Candidate of Architecture (Belarus)


International scientific and technical seminar

Additional information

On April 17 and 18 in 2019 г. restorers, designing engineers, specialists on maintenance of heritage were united with the unique opportunity to get special knowledge.

Institute BelNIIS RUE together with International Academy n.a. Bernhard Remmers (Bernhard Remmers Akademie), under the aegis of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus hold scientific and technical seminar “Reconstruction, restoration, renovation. Maintenance of Belarusian heritage”. Tuition will be led by practitioners from Germany, Belarus, Russia.

Why was it useful to attend?

- actual information on the topic of waterproofing layer reconstruction of building structures and facades’ protection of cultural heritage objects by lecturer from International Academy n.a. Bernhard Remmers;

- practical skills on application of repair and protection methods for facades, bricks, brick joints, on application of injection methods during waterproofing layer reconstruction, skills on application of hydrofobisation based on real examples;

- detailed information on cooperation with European grant projects and investments at cultural heritage objects in Belarus;

- intensive studying within a group of specialists during 2 days;

- lunches and coffe-breaks.

The scientific-technical seminar, being a significant event devoted to advanced training in the sphere of restoration, reconstruction, renovation, got the support from The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus.
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