Technique of the Accelerated Assessment of Frost Resistance of the Vibropressed Concrete in Products

Bondarovich A., Batyanovskiy E.


In article basic provisions of the offered accelerated technique of determination of frost resistance heavy constructional fine-grained and with large filler of concrete of the vibropressed products for road (sidewalk) coverings are stated. She allows to estimate an indicator of frost resistance of concrete directly in products without cyclic tests by freezing thawing. At the heart of a technique – interrelation and interdependence between a condition of structure of concrete (estimated on moisture content in a state sated with water (solution of 5% of NaCl)), distribution speed in it an ultrasonic impulse and established (by direct experimental tests for frost resistance of concrete) regularity of changes of its frost resistance reflected by corresponding changes of speed of ultrasound. Repeated check of an offered technique of the accelerated assessment of frost resistance of concrete at its parallel experimental definition on the second and third state standard specification 10060.2-95 method confirmed possibility of its use for an operating control of this indicator.

For citation: Bondarovich A., Batyanovskiy E. Metodika uskorennoy otsenki morozostoykosti vibropressovannogo betona v izdeliyakh [Technique of the Accelerated Assessment of Frost Resistance of the Vibropressed Concrete in Products]. In: Contemporary Issues of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete: Collected Research Papers. Minsk. Institute BelNIIS. Vol. 6. 2014. pp. 34–44. (rus)

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ISSN 2076-6033
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