Contemporary Issues of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete. Volume 6 (2014)

Shakedown Analysis of Composite Frames Taking into Account Plastic and Brittle Fracture of Elements
Alyavdin P., Bulanov G.
Properties of Building Composites on Activated Composite Cement
Barabash I., Zubchenko N.
Technique of the Accelerated Assessment of Frost Resistance of the Vibropressed Concrete in Products
Bondarovich A., Batyanovskiy E.
Stress-Strain State of Buildings and Structures Monitoring at the Erection Stage
Bursau M., Obukhav A., Dimitriadi N.
Сomplex Method of the Assessment and Forecasting of Technical Condition of the Ferroconcrete Elements and Designs Which are Operated in Air Environments
Vasilyev A., Shevchenko D.
The Effect of Sodium Formate on Concrete Hardening at Low Temperatures
Gushchin S., Drozd A.
High-Performance Insulating Panels for Fencing Constructions of Buildings
Davydenko N., Bakatovich A.
Rating Limit Values of Masonry Walls Bearing Structures Deflections
Derkach V.
Vulnerability Reinforced Concrete Buildings Under Seismic Actions
Dorofeyev V., Egupov V.
Investigation of Reinforced Concrete Waterfront Trestle-Type Structure Motion Caused by Seismic Load
Dorofeyev V., Fomin V.
Vibration Monitoring of Joints of Precast and Cast-In-Situ Reinforced Concrete
Dorofeyev V., Shekhovtsov I., Petrash S., Malakhov V.
On the Impact of Form on the Highest Frequency of Free Oscillations of the Farm, in Their Determination By Approximate Methods
Kiselev V., Grinev V., Gil A.
To Calculation of Prismatic Bars Walled Open Profile in Bending And Torsion
Koltunov A., Kiselev V., Kosenok V.
Experimental Study Strength and Stiffness of Butt Joints Reinforced Concrete Foundation and Footings Hard Reinforcement
Kremnev A., Grinev V., Trubach Yu
Some Results of Experimental Studies of Autoclaved Porous Low-Density Concrete Thermal and Physical Characteristics
Krutilin A., Leshkevich V., Rykhlenok Yu.
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