The Effect of Sodium Formate on Concrete Hardening at Low Temperatures

Gushchin S., Drozd A.


We consider the problems of doing concrete work in the winter. Selected one of the ways to solve it – the use of antifreeze additive. The results of experimental studies of the effect of sodium formate for concrete hardening at low temperatures. With the help of mathematical and statistical methods of the experiment of the first order (the number of factor 3) to obtain an equation describing the process, the predictive strength of the concrete. The factors were taken charge of cement, curing temperature and fuel additive sodium formate. This equation takes into account the technologist these factors in the design of concrete with the use of the additive.

For citation: Gushchin S., Drozd A. Vliyaniye formiata natriya na tverdeniye betona pri otritsatelnykh temperaturakh [The Effect of Sodium Formate on Concrete Hardening at Low Temperatures]. In: Contemporary Issues of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete: Collected Research Papers. Minsk. Institute BelNIIS. Vol. 6. 2014. pp. 68-75. (rus)

Full text in Russian:

ISSN 2076-6033

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