Contemporary Issues of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete. Volume 9 (2017)

Shakedown Seismic Analysis of Composite Steel Concrete Spatial Frame
Bulanov G.
Synthesis of Low-Viscosity Parting Lubricants Based on Domestically-Made Solvents and Oils with Improved Organoleptic Characteristics
Bursau M., Dimitriadi N., Ivashko L., Yukhnevskiy P.
Several Aspects of Automation of Energy Supply Systems in Precast Concrete Buildings
Konkov V., Bursau M.
Comparative Effectiveness of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers on Cement-Sand Paste Using Belarusian-Made Cements
Kuzmenkov M., Belov D., Kuzmenkov D., Velugo Y.
BIM Technology Perspectives for the Computer-Aided Development of Specification Documents for Reinforced-Concrete Structures
Liashkevich A.
Experimental Studies in Vibration-Insulating Properties of Blocks in Resilient Fastening for Metro Rail Track
Shepelevich M., Kanaplitski A.
Innovative Arbolit with Desired Properties
Bozylev V., Yagubkin A.
Research of Heat Resistance and Thermal Stability of Concrete on Porous Fillers and Fillers from Dense Rocks
Bondarowich A., Batyanowski E.
About the Use Rationality of Confinement Reinforcement with Flat Welded Meshes in Expanded Clay Concrete Elements at Local Compression
Bondar V., Rak N.
Perfection of Estimation and Prognostication of the Technical State of the Reinforce-Concrete Elements and Constructions, Exploited in Different Atmospheric Terms
Vasilyev A.
Experimental Study of Mechanical Properties of Fiberglass Reinforcement
Hil A., Lazouski Ya.
Strength and Deformation of Masonry from Ceramic Bricks in Shear across Horizontal Joints
Demchuk I.
Strength and Deformability in Compression of Masonry from Large-Scale Silicate Blocks with Polyurethane Joints
Derkach V., Demchuk O.
Detection of the Content Nitrogen-Containing Compounds by the Potentiometric Method in Admixtures for Concrete
Kalyska A., Drozd A.
Structural and Functional Modeling of Energy Efficient Building Composite Material
Kersh V., Kolesnikov A., Tverdochleb S.
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